Career and Job Hunting Services

Individualised training for changing work life


Akava Special Branches provides the members of its member organisations with support in questions related to career planning, job hunting and work development.


  • Support for job hunting: successful job seeking practices, applications, CV and interviews
  • Help with career planning: strengths, goals, selection situations, wellbeing at work, combining work and personal life
  • Opportunities for work development: recognising competence, development discussions, pay rise negotiations, changing work tasks


Career and job hunting services are free-of-charge to members and are mainly carried out as telephone services. By using these tools, you can structure and crystallise your skills and points of interest and weigh different options. Discussions with your coach are confidential.


You will need your membership number to book an appointment with a coach! You can find your membership number for your membership card or by calling Akava Special Branches.

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Through an international cooperation network, you can seek jobs from five continents. Selected positions have been selected for the service to make it even easier than before for members to find jobs in their own field. You can set up your own watch to make job hunting easier.

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Job seeker’s support: tyonhakija@monster.fi