Collective agreements

We negotiate your terms and conditions of employment directly and in cooperation with Akava’s negotiation organisations.


In the private sector, collective agreements are primarily negotiated by the Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff (YTN). In the public sector, the agreements are primarily negotiated by the Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals (JUKO). Akava Special Branches takes part in activities related to agreements and negotiations in the different bodies of YTN and JUKO.


Akava Special Branches negotiates four collective agreements directly with the employer: the collective agreement for private museums and the collective agreements for VIPARO and the Via Sign Language Sector Cooperative. When negotiating the collective agreement for audiovisual translators, we represent the employees together with the Union of Journalists in Finland. 


The interests of entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals are promoted by Entre, a cooperation organisation of Akava unions.


If you have questions about collective agreements, please contact the employees’ representative at your own workplace or our experts, whose contact details can be found below.

Contact persons for matters related to agreements and negotiations

Collective agreements negotiated by YTN

Negotiations Manager Saara Aikio

phone 0201 235 338, saara.aikio@akavanerityisalat.fi 

General collective agreement for government, collective agreement for private museums

Labour Market Lawyer Kari Eskola

phone 0201 235 367, kari.eskola@akavanerityisalat.fi

Collective agreements for the municipal sector, collective agreement for AVAINTA (Avaintes)

Negotiations Manager Jaakko Korpisaari

phone 0201 235 363, jaakko.korpisaari@akavanerityisalat.fi

Collective agreement for audiovisual translation

Lobbying Manager Helena Lamponen

phone 0201 235 352, helena.lamponen@akavanerityisalat.fi

General collective agreement for universities,
collective agreement for AVAINTA (Avaintes)

Negotiations Manager Minna Nieminen

phone 0201 235 368, minna.nieminen@akavanerityisalat.fi

Collective agreement for VIPARO, collective agreement for the Via Sign Language Sector Cooperative

Legal Adviser Tuire Torvela

phone 0201 235 356, tuire.torvela@akavanerityisalat.fi

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